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HTP 770440

National Centre for Museum Methodology, Mongolia

National Mentoring Project
Communities to develop: Education staff in Mongolian public museums & museum-to-school relationships

  • Custom-designed mentorship & network building program involving 42 museum educators, over 100 school teachers and 700 primary school students
  • Regional workshop training
  • Online training
  • Video training
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books 2

National Museum of Mongolia

Project 1: Museum Children’s Book Program
Community to develop: Children & families

  • Designed project branding, marketing and products
  • Created and ran book donor campaign
  • Social Media campaign
  • Launch event
  • Mobile library

Project 2: Museum Education Program
Community to develop: School students

  • Researched and developed historical and cultural content
  • Designed training materials
  • Sourced and organised Felt Artist to lead demonstrations

Project 3: Open Education Room
Community to develop: Museum Visitors

  • Assembled existing and designed further hands-on activities
  • Recruited and managed volunteers
  • Recorded project for reporting and social media
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Warships & Marine Corps Museum

Project: Identity Graphics & Website
Community to build: Local & international visitors & naval history buffs

  • Brand
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Business card
  • Print advertisement for newspaper
  • Poster
More on this Project
bathtub regatta

Bathtub Boat “Maker-Sailor” Community

Personal dream since hitchhiking on a yacht around the top of Australia
Community to seed: Arty & adventurous water-lovers, who like me don’t own their own yacht

  • Found and adapted discarded bathtubs to be seaworthy
  • Organised regular Bathboat Build-days in Sydney’s Inner West and Float-events on Sydney Harbour
  • Laughed and laughed with old and many new friends!
  • Improved our fibre-glassing and other building and design skills as well as our ability to float!
ARFF website 3

Australian Refugee Film Festival

Project: Film-making Community
Communities to develop: Former refugees living in Sydney

  • Organised professional & community volunteers
  • Established a training program
  • Built and managed a private social network website
  • One of our Community’s films won Best Short
Erica animation

An individual turning 50 years old

Project: Milestone Animation
Community to develop: Client’s personal friends & family

  • Created a life-story celebration video 
    using photographs, song choices and narration of the “Birthday Girl”
  • First played at her 50th Birthday party

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